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Ainoriya.net is a rideshare app for finding rideshare partners while you are waiting in a long line for a taxi in Japan. Try ainoriya.net when there is a long line ahead of you at the taxi stand.
Use the app with your friends and colleagues for a bigger chance to find a rideshare partner!

  • Please enable the push notification function of your smartphone when using ainoriya.net.

How to Share a Ride

1. Register a rideshare

Set your destination from the map and tap the "Rideshare Registration" button. This is all you have to do to register a rideshare.

-- Clever way to use the app --

[Set Destination]

If you find scrolling to find your destination on the map troublesome every time you use Ainoirya.net, you can register and save places you often go to (e.g. your workplace and hotel) by setting the places to “Set Destination" located in the "Settings" menu. Addresses registered to "Set Destination" cannot be seen by other users.
Write down where you are right now (e.g., I'm at the taxi stand at the Shinjuku station South exit) so that applicants can contact/find you easily.

2. Look for a rideshare partner

Upon the completion of "Rideshare registration", a list of users who are also looking for a rideshare partner nearby are displayed. Choose a person from the list who you would like to share a ride with.
Tap the image of a user in the ridesharing detail page to view the user's Facebook profile. No one is displayed on the list when nobody is looking for a rideshare partner.

-- Clever way to use the app --

[Changing search range]

The search range for the "User List Around Here" is set to 200 meters by default, which may be insufficient when you are at a big station. You can find a rideshare partner more easily by changing the setting to a broader area.

3. Request ridesharing

Once you find a person who you want to share a ride with, request ridesharing. Just tap the "Send Request" button. Other users can also send you ridesharing requests. If you find it okay to share a ride with the person, you can accept the request.

-- Clever way to use the app --

[Send more ridesharing requests!]

It may be that a person you sent a ridesharing request to will not always accept your request. If you find other people who you would like to share a ride with, don't hesitate to send more requests!

4. Get a ride

Once a request is accepted, you've got a ride. If you are the "Requester", you receive a notification upon acceptance of the request, and the chat screen is displayed. If you are the "Approver", the chat screen is displayed by tapping the Approval button. The chat screen is open to the Requester and Approver only. (Other users cannot view your chat screen.) Please exchange messages with your rideshare partner and find each other with locations or easily recognizable clothes to share a ride.

-- Clever way to use the app --

[Tips for appointments]

If you can think of easily noticeable items (e.g., send a message "I have a red notebook") in advance, your partner will be able to find you easily.


1. Isn’t ridesharing illegal in Japan?

If passengers voluntarily arrange and share a ride, it is not illegal. * The Road Transportation Act prohibits that taxis voluntarily have many and unspecified persons at one time.
Reference)Wikipedia(JPN): Carpool

2. How can I split the taxi fare?

Please discuss with your rideshare partner to decide how much each of you will pay. You can find apps for calculating taxi fares by searching for them in app markets.
// Communications such as this are one of the best parts of ridesharing, aren't they? ^^

3. Can the rideshare partner find out my home or workplace?

If you are concerned, we recommend you get out of the taxi in a place a little ways away from your home or workplace, as opposed to getting out right in the front of your destination.

4. Once I install ainoriya.net, can strangers view my Facebook posts?

Installing Ainoirya.net does not automatically change the privacy settings. Only your "name" and "face image" registered to Facebook are displayed on ainoriya.net.

5. To whom can I send a "Rideshare message"?

Your "Rideshare message" is shown to users who are looking for a rideshare partner nearby. The message cannot be seen by people who do not have a registered rideshare account on ainoriya.net.

6. What kind of message should I write for a "Rideshare message"?

One of the concerns people have when ridesharing with a stranger is that what kind of person he or she is. But, people may feel relieved if they find something in common with the other person such as work or hobby. So it may be good to write something about yourself. Also, writing your current location and a noticeable item enables your rideshare partner to easily find you after both of you and the partner have agreed to share a ride.

7. I send a rideshare request but there is no reply.

When you request ridesharing, you receive a notification only when the other user "approves" your request. If a person you sent a request to shares a ride with other users or cancels their previously posted rideshare registration, you do not receive replies from the user.
// If there are several users whose destinations are near your destination, you should send multiple requests.

8. I approved a ridesharing request, but a message "The user is not here." appeared.

The user may have found someone else and just got in a taxi, or canceled the rideshare registration while you were "approving" the request.

9. I received a request from a user who I don’t want to share a ride with.

You don’t have to approve the request if you don’t want to. You should approve and send the request only from/to a person you think is okay to share a ride with.

10. Although we agreed to share a ride, the partner didn’t show up on the chat screen and we couldn’t meet.

Please select the partner from "Rideshare history" in the "Settings" menu and write a comment in the "Evaluate" textbox. Ainoriya.net will investigate and handle the problem.

11. Can I tell my phone number to my potential rideshare partner when we exchange messages after agreeing to share a ride with that person?

You can tell both your phone number and email address to your rideshare partner.
//However, please do so at your own risk.

12. Isn’t it dangerous to share a ride with a stranger?

The app is linked to a major SNS "Facebook" in which users real names are used, so users of ainoriya.net can check their ride share partner's profile in advance. We think this is much safer than cases in which a stranger asks you to share a ride on the street. Also, since a third-party, a taxi driver, is always in the taxi, it is much safer than walking on the street alone (or together with a stranger) at night. However, if you are worried about it, you should take a taxi alone.

13. Is it prohibited to share a ride with more than one person?

It is not prohibited. As we consider the increasing number of people in the rideshare to make the service seem complicated ainoriya.net expects users to share a ride with only one person (at this moment), however it is not prohibited to share a ride with 2 or 3 people. In such cases, either of the first two people should register through ridesharing again using his or her smartphone.
//We can just ask people in a line waiting for a taxi if they want to rideshare.
//You may be embarrassed to ask a person to share a ride, but isn’t it easier to ask another person to share a ride when you already have one partner?

14. I would not like to ride with a person of the opposite sex.

You may feel this way especially if you are a woman. To meet this need, we prepared an option to choose the sex of your rideshare partner in "Setting of partner conditions" in the "Settings" menu. Not only gender but also age settings can be modified. Also, you can choose a user who has a Facebook friend who is also your friend. If you set the conditions of your partner to "Women only", your ridesharing information cannot be seen by male users, and male users cannot send you ridesharing requests.

About rideshare ticket and charge

[At this moment, Ainoriya.net is in the FREE version and you can use the app free of charge. When the commercial version is started, 180 yen (tax included) will be charged by Rideshare Ticket when ridesharing is agreed between users.]


1. Ainoriya.net is a service to support ridesharing between users. Please make the final decision as to whether to share a ride at your own risk.
2. We don’t provide services for calculating taxi fares. Please talk to your rideshare partners and adjust the fares as necessary.
3. Protection of your own privacy is your responsibility, please make it a high priority! (e.g., get off the taxi in a place a little away from your home or office. However, ainoriya.net hopes that you make new friends in your neighborhood through ainoriya.net.)